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Slapped Cheek Syndrome

Dear Parents and Carers


It has been brought to our attention that a number of children in the Caterpillar class have been diagnosed with ‘Slapped Cheek Syndrome’.


Slapped Cheek Syndrome is a type of viral infection that is quite common in children aged between 6-10 years.  In children, the most common symptom is the appearance of a distinctive bright red rash on the cheeks.  Most children do not need treatment as Slapped Cheek Syndrome is usually a very mild condition that passes within a few days.  However, if your child remains unwell or you are concerned about their condition please seek medical information from your G.P.


Please be aware that people with certain blood disorders, pregnant women or people with a weakened immune system will need to contact their GP for advice if they have been in contact with a child who has Slapped Cheek Syndrome.


More information regarding the symptoms and treatment of Slapped Cheek Syndrome can be found on the NHS Direct Website