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Mental Health

Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing


At Alderman Richard Hallam Primary School, we believe it is vital that all members of our community know how to look after their mental health. We teach our children strategies to support them in the development of positive mental health and ways to cope when times get hard. 


Mental Health is “the emotional and spiritual resilience which enables us to enjoy life and survive pain, suffering and disappointment. It is a positive sense of wellbeing and an underlying belief in our and others dignity and worth. It is influenced by our experience and our genetic inheritance.”

- World Health Organisation


Mental health affects all aspects of life and behaviour.


We are committed to making ARH a mentally healthy school. Mrs Watson and Mrs Lawes have both attended Place2Be's Mental Health Champion training and our school has taken part in both the Worth-It resilience project and achieved the Routes to Resilience accreditation. We currently have three Mental Health First Aiders in the school. Miss Milligan and Mrs Watson are our children's MHFAs and Mrs Lawes is a MHFA for adults.


Please read our Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing policy for more details.

We teach our children the 5 ways to wellbeing as the key ways to take care of our mental health. These are:

  • Connect
  • Give
  • Take notice
  • Keep learning
  • Be active

These strategies are embedded in the ethos of our school and we build them into the way we do things at ARH.

Have a look below at ways that you can help your child to develop their wellbeing:

You may find it helpful to create a wellbeing action plan with your child. This can also be a great chance for you to explore your own wellbeing and how you can look after yourself. The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust wellbeing action plan template is a great place to start but a simple conversation with your child can help.

Concerned about your child?

The first thing to do is seek support from your GP. They are the best placed person to direct you to support and refer you to the most appropriate services. Please share your concerns with your child's class teacher or directly with our SENDCo, Mrs Watson.

Positive Emotions

At ARH, we feel it is vital for children to have knowledge and experience of the 10 key positive emotions and we build this in to our every day teaching. At the beginning of the academic year, each year group focuses on one of these positive emotions and all learning is focused around understanding and developing this emotion.

Home support - Mental Health and the Coronavirus

These are difficult times and a lot of our children are going to struggle with processing the huge changes to their life at the moment. Below are some home learning opportunities which focus on helping children to develop their resilience and are a great way to start positive conversations about mental health with your child.

Children's Mental Health Week - 27.01.20

ARH really enjoyed taking part in Children's Mental Health week. Set up by children’s mental health charity Place2Be, the week is intended to shine a spotlight on the importance of children and young people’s mental health. This year’s theme was Find your Brave. Have a look at some of the activities we did below: