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The Governors of Alderman Richard Hallam are proud of the opportunities offered to our pupils to develop the values and skills essential for their futures.


Parents, carers and staff are represented on the Governing Body, working closely with the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team to deliver the school’s mission statement and provide an exciting, stimulating and child-led curriculum. Our school governors are regular visitors to school, undertaking learning walks, book trawls and meeting with our children to ascertain their views and opinions.


Our Governing Body has 4 committees: Pay, Finance, H&S/Premises and Curriculum. Please see the committee meeting attendance below for memberships. 


Our Chair of Governors, Mrs Veronica Bolsover, has been a governor at ARH for over 21 years. Her goal has always been and continues to be ensuring that all of our children receive an outstanding education.


If you would like to contact Mrs Bolsover to discuss the work of the Governing Body, please contact the school office on 0116 2624003 or email the

NameDate AppointedDate Appointment CeasesGovernor TypeAppointed byBusiness Interests15th November 202114th March 202213th June 202214th November 2022
Ann-Marie Kedzior1st Jan 2018 Headteacher NonenoYesYesYes
Karen Harvey19th April 202118th April 2025StaffARHMother of Keri HyesYesYesYes
Veronica Bolsover1st Sept 201931st August 2023Co-Opted (Chair)Governing bodyNoneyesYesYesYes
Hilda Halfpenny1st Sept 201931st August 2023Co-OptedGoverning bodyNoneyesYesYesYes
Sharad Bhakta13th Nov 202112th Nov 2025Co-OptedGoverning bodyNoneyesYesnoYes
Ryan Bromyard25th Jan 201824th Jan 2022Co-OptedGoverning bodyNonenononono
Sanjay Thakrar20th April 202119th April 2025ParentARHGovernor at other schoolnoyesYesYes
Robin Marston25th Jan 201824th Jan 2022ParentARHNoneyesyesYesYes
George Chi Tangyie22nd Jan 202021st Jan 2024ParentARHNoneyesnonoYes
Katie Singleton22nd Jan 202021st Jan 2024ParentARHNoneyesyesYesYes
Gemma Brash22nd Jan 202021st Jan 2024ParentARHNoneyesnoYesYes
Saskya Falope20th April 202119th April 2025ParentARHNonenoyesnono
Keri Harvey1st Sept 20193rd October 2022Co-OptedGoverning bodyDaughter of Karen HnononoLeft Oct 2022