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Early Reading

On this page you will find helpful ideas and tips to help your child reading at home. We know that reading is one of the most important things parents and carers can do to support their child with their learning. As a school, we believe reading is incredibly important - so much of what we do in school is around books. 



Why Reading is so important

How to help with your child’s reading at home:

We encourage all of our pupils to read at home and to log evidence of this in their home reading journal. At the back of the journal, you will find some useful questions that you could use when reading with your child. These types of questions help to strengthen their understanding and make reading a much more enjoyable and interactive experience! If your child reads independently, you may find some of these suggestions valuable:

  • Can your child sum up in one sentence what they have just read?

  • Could they make a comic strip of what they have read?

  • Can they create a quiz based upon the book they have just read?

  • Can they write a book review, recommending it to a friend?

Previously, we have run parent and carer workshops after school to showcase strategies you can use at home to enhance your child’s reading and how they can make good progress in this subject.


Phonics Sound Mats

To see the actions and sounds we teach in school, please click on the link below:

For more information regarding Phonics and Reading, please see this area of our website: