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At Alderman Richard Hallam Primary School, we take bullying very seriously. We try to have a bullying-free school but on the rare occasions bullying does take place, it is dealt with swiftly by staff, following a restorative approach. Please have a look at our Behaviour Policy and Anti-Bullying Policy for more details. Our child-friendly Anti-Bullying Policy can be found below.

What is bullying?

Remember STOP - Several Times On Purpose

Bullying is when an individual, whether alone or as part of a group, intentionally sets out to upset someone or hurt their feelings through unwanted and persistent physical or verbal abuse or by disrupting someone’s lives on more than one occasion. This may take place in person or online. Bullying occurs where there is an imbalance of power, is usually premeditated and forms a pattern of behaviour, rather than an isolated incident.

Bullying may be related to physical appearance, gender, ethnicity, disability, religion, special education needs or sexuality. At A.R.H., we celebrate differences and encourage mutual respect between all adults and children. We ensure the children have a good understanding of the Equality Act 2010 through our use of the ‘No Outsiders’ programme.

Bullying may be categorised in these main ways:

  • Verbal e.g. name calling, spreading rumours, persistent teasing
  • Physical e.g. pushing, kicking, hitting etc. or any form of violence or threats
  • Social e.g. tormenting, threatening ridicule, humiliation or exclusion from groups or activities
  • Material e.g. damage to belongings, extortion
  • Cyber e.g. use of texting, internet  or social media to intimidate or cause distress

The school works hard to ensure that all pupils know the difference between bullying and “falling out”.

Anti-Bullying Champions - coming soon!

At ARH, we have a team of fantastic Anti-Bullying Champions made up of children from Years 5 and 6. Miss Milligan works to train these children to resolve disputes, address worries and act as peer mediators. They keep an eye on our friendship stops, which all children can go to if they feel lonely and need a friend. Our ABCs also check our school worry box on a weekly basis to support those who don't feel confident in coming forwards. You can spot our ABCs on the playground thanks to their distinctive purple hi-viz vests.

What should I do if someone is being bullied?

Remember STOP - Start Telling Other People!

We are here to help and want hear about it if you, or someone you know, is being bullied so that we can help. This could be a trusted adult, a friend or one of our incredible Anti-Bullying Champions. You could even leave a note in our worry box if you don't feel comfortable saying something out loud. 

If you know someone else is being bullied, you can let us know too. Try to help by being an upstander! There are four ways that you can stand up for someone who is being bullied: 1) Be a buddy 2) Interrupt the bully 3) Speak out about bullying 4) Tell someone at school about the bullying.

Be an Upstander - Prevent Bullying

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Anti- Bullying Contact form

Use this if you need to report bullying.