A big thank you to all of those parents & carers who are wearing face coverings when on site.

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Alderman Richard HallamPrimary School

Mission and Aims

Our Mission


What we intend to do - The School Mission

* We will promote learning. We see this as a life long process and we define learning in terms of skills, concepts, knowledge, understanding, attitudes and values. This prime purpose will direct everything that the school attempts to do because we believe...

"An educated person is someone who appreciates what is good and beautiful, has a hunger for knowledge and a fearless respect for the truth."

* We will give every child an equal chance to develop. We will strive to give all children a common entitlement to a good to outstanding curriculum.

* We will provide pupils with opportunities for quiet reflection, personal guidance and counselling.

* We will create a learning environment that promotes the development of creativity, confidence and self-esteem, because we believe the key to successful learning is self-confidence.

* Every individual connected with the school will be granted dignity and respect at all times and given the opportunity to develop to their maximum potential because we believe that people are our most important asset.

* We will attempt to develop the best possible contact between home and school because parents and carers play a vital role in the educational process. We will encourage a partnership between parents, carers, staff, governors and the community that will benefit the pupils in our care, and the community we serve.

* We will build a school ethos marked by high expectations, within an environment that seeks to harness the instinctive generosity and enthusiasm of the young in the conscious service of others.

* We will continue to strive for excellence in all that we do.


Where do we want to go? The school's mission 2016 – 2022

To become one of the most respected schools in Leicester.

Our Aims


Alderman Richard Hallam Primary School continues to be popular with a reputation for providing a good education in a calm, orderly, and friendly atmosphere. This has resulted in more applications for the 120 places available in the reception classes. For the academic year 2015 – 2016 there were 163 preferences for the 120 places in the reception class.

The staff and governors are working hard to make sure this is a good school where people really matter. A major aim of the school is the creation of a community where respect for others, tolerance and understanding are evident. The staff and governors recognise that the school is a multicultural community. Staff and governors want the school to be at service to the local community. The main aim of the school is to promote learning. The Mission Statement views learning . . .

“as a life long process and defines learning in terms of skills, concepts, knowledge, understanding, attitudes and values. This prime purpose will direct everything the school attempts to do because we believe an educated person is a person who is learning how to learn, learning how to adapt and change.”