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R.E Week

R.E. Week 2017

Alderman Richard Hallam Primary School celebrated R.E. on the week beginning 16th January 2017. The aim of the week was to raise the profile of R.E. across the school, learn about a main religion and involve the children in some cross-curricular activities.

One of the main aims of the week was also to develop attitudes of tolerance and understanding of the beliefs and customs of others and to enrich the children’s knowledge in order to enable them to live and work with fellow citizens of diverse religions, language and ethnic origins.

Activities over the week promoted the children to learn about how each religion values the importance of caring for those around them and for the environment. The activities involved doing research, creating presentations, learning songs, art work, visiting places of worship and getting creative.

Throughout the week the children showed great interest and enthusiasm and personal engagement in the topics they were learning about. They were very curious about the background and stories of the religions and images and they had many questions they wanted to further explore.

A massive thank you to all parties involved that made this week such an enjoyable experience.