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30 Hours Funded Entitlement

If you would like to get your 30 hours here at the school, parents and carers need to apply for their 30 hours code in good time. You should apply as soon as possible before the end of the summer holidays using the Childcare Choices website;

The deadline for making an application for a 30 hour place for the Autumn term is 31st Aug 2018.

However, parents and carers should not leave it too late to apply as HMRC may need more information to check and confirm eligibility and parents should allow time for this.


Once the school opens in the Autumn term, parents and carers need to bring the code details to the school Office, we will then confirm the place, once the school has carried out appropriate checks. We will then ask you to complete an application form and places will be issued.


We have attached a guide for parents and carers on how to apply.