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Head Councillor

At A.R.H., we are dedicated to promoting British Values in our school. With this in mind, Miss Milligan and Mrs Lawes decided it would be a fantastic show of democracy for members of the School Council to run for Head Councillor and be voted for by their peers. The Head School Councillor would have many duties and responsibilities, such as: helping Miss Milligan run the School Council meetings, consistently being on the interview panel, having the deciding vote in the event of a tie and being the face of the School council, which recently saw them open the brand new school library.

Running for Head Councillor was exclusively offered to Year 5 and 6 members of the council and they had to create a video explaining why they would be the best choice for Head Councillor - take a look at our elected Head Councillor’s video below.

Every class in KS2 was given the chance to watch the videos, discuss those in the running and then finally take part in a secret vote on who they wanted to become Head Councillor.

Once again, due to COVID-19, this process has not been able to happen this year. We hope to return to this process next academic year.