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Alderman Richard HallamPrimary School

Govenor Overview

Govenors Name When they were appointed Term of Office (Years) Who Chair Governor Type Business Interests Relationships within School  
Veronica Bolsover 01 Sep 15 4 GB Governing Body Co-opted none none  
Sharad Bhakta 13 Nov 17 4 GB Vice Chair Governing Body Co-opted none none  
Ann-Marie Kedzior 01 Jan 18       Head teacher none none  
Hilda Halfpenny 01 Sep 15 4 GB   Co-opted none none  
Keri Chapman 01 Sep 15 4 GB Finance & Pay Co-opted none Karen H - Mum  
Ryan Bromyard 25 Jan 18 4 GB   Co-opted None none  
Karen Harvey 26 Feb 13 4 ARH   Staff none Keri Chapman  
Sanjay Thakrar 06 Dec 16 4 ARH   Parent none none  
Alina Marimela 06 Dec 16 4 ARH   Parent none none  
Robin Marston 25 Jan 18 4 ARH   Parent none none  

Attendance Academic Year 2017-18



Name Surname 13 Nov 17 12 Mar 18 21 May 18
Stephen Beardsmore P P P
Sharad Bhakta P P P
Veronica Bolsover P P P
Keri Chapman P P Apol
Hilda Halfpenny P P P
Karen Harvey P P P
Ann-Marie Kedzior P p P
Jim McGowan P Left Left
Sanjay Thakrar P Apol P
Robin Marston - P P
Ryan Bromyard - P p
Alina Marimela   Apol Apol
Beccy Yates P Resigned -



P                 Present

Apol            Apologies (Not Present)

                   Not Present